Monthly Archives: April 2011

The “structural deficit” – setting the record straight

The Gloucestershire Echo recently published an article by John Webster in which he argued that cuts were justified on grounds of the UK having a “structural deficit”.  It’s a silly argument, and we’re grateful to the Echo for publishing our response in today’s paper.  Since the letter won’t be available electronically for a few days, here it is […]

More revealing correspondence with Councillor John Webster

Councillor John Webster (LibDem), Cheltenham Borough Council`s Cabinet Member for Finance, has deigned to respond to one of our number. As usual he manages to be both incoherent and incorrect. Look out for this bit, where he includes his own party in his criticism: “None of the three main party’s (sic) have policies that address […]

The National Health Service: Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

In 2011 the NHS satisfaction levels were at ‘a record high’ – 64% of people either ‘very or quite satisfied’.(1) This has been the result of considerable investment in time, staff effort, loyalty and money; the NHS bill in 2010 was £110bn. Now, although NHS income is supposedly held constant in real terms(2), there are […]