What you can do

  • Write to your parliamentary and council representatives

Tell them you oppose the cuts – there are links on this website to documents and websites which debunk the arguments of the “deficit terrorists” who tell us there is no alternative.

  • Visit our stalls

We hold stalls in central Cheltenham as often as possible (currently every other Saturday) where we talk to the public and make them aware of the alternatives that most of our politicians are unwilling or unable to talk about. With extra people offering their help we could do a stall every week, please join our mailing list or check this website for details of our next stall.

  • Attend demonstrations

We will use this website to inform people of local, regional and national demonstrations or actions they might like to attend.

  • Spread the word

There are anti-cuts groups springing up all over the country – it is important that as many people as possible are quickly made aware of the opposition to any cuts justified on the grounds the deficit. We can supply literature to pass onto anyone who isn`t on the internet.

  • Help to build this website by telling us how cuts will affect you

If you have been or will be affected by any of the cuts we are keen to hear from you – we will respect any wishes you have to remain anonymous.



  1. Hi looking for support on the bedroom tax..this unfair tax on the poor, how can people be made to pay this, or down size when there is no social housing to down size to.

  2. Thanks for contacting us. You’re right – changes to council tax and
    housing benefits, including the bedroom tax, will make poor people
    suffer even more. This government is attacking
    working-class people and the poor from so many angles.
    We`ll be in touch.

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