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Councillor John “Slasher” Webster to retire from politics next year

A member of Cheltenham Against Cuts was amongst those who received an email from Councillor John Webster (the council’s Cabinet Member for Finance)  today in which he informs us he won`t be standing for re-election next year. He writes: After two terms of office and having been a Cabinet member for 6 of those 8 […]

A message for the ConDems

Martin Horwood gives cuts the thumbs up

In a chirpy interview with Leckhampton online, Martin Horwood has rated the coalition at 8.5 out of 10.  To be clear, that’s a ringing endorsement of the following: Colossal cuts to council spending (that’s your libraries, youth centres, rubbish collection, paving, street-lighting, social care and housing etc.), trading standards, education, benefits, environmental spending, justice (police), etc. […]

The unravelling of the Lib Dems – Part III

Arrogance often masks ignorance, and most politicians are very ignorant on the subject of Economics. A display of arrogance by John Webster, Cheltenham Borough Council`s Cabinet Member for Finance, was revealed in the previous post entitled “The unravelling of the Lib Dems – Part II”. Here`s the latest email to Councillor Webster from a different […]

The unravelling of the Lib Dems – Part II

Most will be aware that Lib Dem controlled Cheltenham Borough council has sung to the government’s tune and signed off a cuts package totalling 3 million pounds over the next two years.  The council’s Cabinet Member for Finance, John Webster, revealed that there was much more to come: “I am much more confident that we […]

The unravelling of the Lib Dems – Part I

In the run up to the General Election, the Liberal Democrats styled themselves as the relative left-of-centre option for the electorate.  Though this was always a bit of a fiction, few foresaw their immediate copulation with the Tories in a brazen trading of principles for power.  That the Liberal Democrats are now facilitating the biggest […]

Glos City Council wasting taxpayers money in Cheltenham!

The geniuses at Gloucester City Council have better things to spend Council Tax Payers` money on than pesky public services. Instead, they`ve recently spent some money on advertising the slightly cheaper parking in Gloucester to people in er,…. Cheltenham! As this photo (date 4/3/11) of an advert seen in the car park of Cheltenham Sainsbury`s […]