Monthly Archives: November 2011

Support the strike on Wednesday 30th November

Cheltenham Against Cuts is supporting the TUC Day of Action for Pensions Justice, on Wednesday, 30th November. As a country we can afford good pensions for ALL workers, and the appalling cuts to the pensions of private sector workers in recent years in no way justifies cuts to the pensions of public sector workers. The […]

Let them explain Japan

At a recent Green Party meeting, we asked Martin Horwood MP the following question: “Despite posting consistent budget deficits for the past two decades (racking up a “national debt” more than twice its GDP in the process), the Japanese government continues to be able to sell its bonds at low interest.  How does this square […]

Public meeting to discuss controversial proposed new Tewkesbury PFI Hospital

Tewkesbury Town Council will be holding a public meeting at 7.30pm on Tuesday, November 15, in the Watson Hall in Barton Street. The meeting will allow people to have their say on the controversial plans for Tewkesbury`s proposed new PFI hospital which will cost £10 million. This follows the collection of over 2,200 petition signatures […]