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Former Thatcher adviser Alan Budd spills the beans on the use of unemployment to weaken the working class – sound familiar?

Professor Sir Alan Budd, while being interviewed by documentary film-maker Adam Curtis  in June 1991 about his time as Special Adviser at the Treasury in the period 1979-81, expresses his concerns that he was being used: Curtis` narration: For some economists who were involved in this story, there is a further question: were their theories […]

Please sign the Petition against Closure of Cheltenham General Hospital`s A & E department

  Please sign the Petition against Closure of Cheltenham General Hospital`s A & E department – So far 1 in 10 A&E departments are slated for downgrade or closure nationally. In opposition the Conservatives championed the retention of local A&Es and opposed the Labour government`s programme of downgrading district hospitals. In 2007 Shadow Health […]

Why capitalism needs unemployment

    Any worker who`s ever complained to their boss and been told “if you don`t want to work here there are plenty who do” will understand why Karl Marx described the role of the unemployed (and underemployed) under capitalism as “the reserve army of labour”.       The press and politicians take every opportunity to divide […]

This advert shows private health insurers understand what`s happening to the NHS- let`s hope the public wakes up in time!

The advert above contains 2 truths and one lie: YES the government IS cutting NHS funding YES wards and other related areas ARE closing in hospitals NO private medical insurance is not inexpensive: As private medical insurer Passport2Health pointed out in a 2012 report: “Only 11% of the UK can currently afford private medical insurance”

Public meeting – HOW CAN WE SAVE THE NHS?

HOW CAN WE SAVE THE NHS? Monday, 15 April, 7.30 p.m. in 8 Milsom St, Cheltenham A strategy for local campaigns together with the unions & NHS staff. Open to all local people who want to save the NHS and fight the cuts, as well as trade unions, local campaigns, including anti-cuts groups in Stroud, […]