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Having forced Gloucestershire health bosses to scrap previous outsourcing plans, through six months of campaigning and Judicial Review proceedings(1), anti-cuts groups across the county have achieved another highly significant breakthrough. Local NHS bosses have finally accepted that the county`s 9 community hospitals and 9 health clinics can remain in the NHS (2). The option of […]

Martin Horwood responds on Circle Health

Martin recently responded to our article on one of the investors behind Circle Health who has given political donations to two Gloucestershire Tory Mps. Martin asked us to point to where he said that “Circle Healthcare was 100% employee owned”. We actually criticised Martin for describing Circle Health Partnership as 100% employee-owned, without providing the […]

A system that breeds despair

An international perspective from one of our contributors: I recently read about a disabled man who hung himself because he could not bear living in poverty. The same article spoke of a man with a heart condition who was told he was fit to work and had his Incapacity Benefit withdrawn in November but died […]

Support the May 10th Strike

Hundreds of thousands of civil servants – and workers in health and education – are striking to challenge attacks on pensions. Across the private and public sector people are being forced to work longer, and pay more, for smaller pensions. On the 10th May 2012 support those who are Defending their Rights, and thereby Defending […]

Two Gloucestershire Tory MPs accepted donations from controversial super-rich private health investor

Political donations totalling £8000 were made by controversial hedge fund manager Crispin Odey to two Gloucestershire Conservative constituency parties. The Electoral Commission`s website reveals that Forest of Dean MP Mark Harper received £5,000 on 09/02/2010 – just 3 months before the general election, while Gloucester Conservative constituency party received £3,000 on 03/12/2007. Richard Graham was […]

Solicitors letter warns Gloucestershire PCT to consider NHS options or face further legal action

In February, campaigners in Gloucestershire forced local NHS bosses to reconsider their plans to outsource local hospitals and community NHS services to a so-called “social enterprise”, taking Judicial Review proceedings to the High Court and obtaining a consent order which required NHS Gloucestershire to scrap its plans, and to both consider NHS options & involve […]