Monthly Archives: June 2011

The Gloucestershire Health Debate – rigged to make the private sector look good (despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary)

At the Gloucestershire Health Debate (held on 18th May in Cheltenham), the private sector had representation on the panel in the form of Dr. Eduard Lotz, Executive Director of UK Specialist Hospitals South West. Dr. Lotz` area of responsibility includes the Shepton Mallet Treatment Centre which a recent report revealed has been paid almost £7 […]

The NHS – they say savings, we say cuts – let`s call the whole thing off!

It`s difficult for a right-wing government already implementing devastating cuts to libraries, youth services & other areas to sell those same devastating cuts to the public when the area in question is the much-treasured NHS. Therefore the more acceptable term “savings” has been used, sometimes sanitised still further as “efficiency savings”. The term “savings” is […]