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NHS Gloucestershire spent £1.2 million on redundancy last year

The numerous NHS reorganisations have led to unnecessary costs, the disproportionate growth in admin and management, disruption, and staff demoralisation. Many of the changes we have seen were solely about making the NHS fit for privatisation. Cameron promised no top-down reorganisation – but that is exactly what we got, along with a £20 billion cut […]


DEFEND NHS STAFF IN THE SOUTH WEST – Meeting in Gloucester on 8th November

A meeting has been called by Cheltenham & Gloucester Against Cuts and the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) to defend NHS staff in the South West against the unprecedented attack on the pay & conditions of health workers. Thursday 8 November,   7.30 p.m. Barton Community Centre, 199 Barton St, Gloucester Almost all NHS Trusts in […]

NHS meeting organised by 38 Degrees members in Gloucestershire on November 1st

A meeting has been organised in Gloucester to stop local NHS services being broken up and privatised (for meeting details see the bottom of this post) The government’s changes to the NHS have put responsibility for spending NHS money, and deciding what your local health service looks like, in the hands of groups run by […]

Public and NHS staff reaffirm opposition to the privatisation of the NHS

Monday’s decision by NHS Gloucestershire to set up a stand-alone NHS trust instead of outsourcing community health services and hospitals as originally intended, is a victory for anti-cuts campaigners across the county. The county’s eight community hospitals and health services, and the 3000 people employed in them, will not come under the control of Virgin […]

Will NHS Gloucestershire abide by the wishes of staff & public?

On October 3rd the public consultation on the future of Primary Care Sevices in the Gloucestershire finished, this followed on from the separate staff consultation earlier in the year. Yesterday NHS Gloucestershire released a report stating that the “overwhelming majority of respondents, from all groups, expressed a preference for Option 1 – the establishment of […]


Cheltenham & Gloucester Against Cuts have organised a meeting in Gloucester to discuss the threats to our National Health Service and a strategy to defend it. We have been leafleting health workers, patients, and the general public – the following text is taken from the leaflet. DEFEND THE NHS The NHS is under attack. Cameron promised […]

Martin Horwood`s website now slightly more accurate but still highly misleading!

After reading our recent posts on Circle Health Martin Horwood has slightly amended a page on his website so that it no longer describes Circle healthcare partnership as “100% owned by its staff”. There are still two errors on that page (one significant, one minor) which are listed at the bottom of this post, but […]


Having forced Gloucestershire health bosses to scrap previous outsourcing plans, through six months of campaigning and Judicial Review proceedings(1), anti-cuts groups across the county have achieved another highly significant breakthrough. Local NHS bosses have finally accepted that the county`s 9 community hospitals and 9 health clinics can remain in the NHS (2). The option of […]

Martin Horwood responds on Circle Health

Martin recently responded to our article on one of the investors behind Circle Health who has given political donations to two Gloucestershire Tory Mps. Martin asked us to point to where he said that “Circle Healthcare was 100% employee owned”. We actually criticised Martin for describing Circle Health Partnership as 100% employee-owned, without providing the […]

Two Gloucestershire Tory MPs accepted donations from controversial super-rich private health investor

Political donations totalling £8000 were made by controversial hedge fund manager Crispin Odey to two Gloucestershire Conservative constituency parties. The Electoral Commission`s website reveals that Forest of Dean MP Mark Harper received £5,000 on 09/02/2010 – just 3 months before the general election, while Gloucester Conservative constituency party received £3,000 on 03/12/2007. Richard Graham was […]