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It’s the deficit, stupid

Conservative Business Minister Michael Fallon, responding to Ed Miliband’s speech at today’s rally: “By turning up at a rally that opposes every single spending cut that’s necessary to deal with our debts, Ed Miliband has shown that he’s still in favour of more spending, more borrowing and even greater debt. That’s what got us into […]

Car Crash Economics

Someone asked me recently what I thought of the ConDem government’s management of the economy.  My response?  Like a car crash, only rather more horrific.  Allow me to explain… Back in 2007/8, the UK economy nose-dived.  The uncontroversial cause was the bursting of a credit bubble, which left the private sector with huge debt relative […]

Let them explain Japan

At a recent Green Party meeting, we asked Martin Horwood MP the following question: “Despite posting consistent budget deficits for the past two decades (racking up a “national debt” more than twice its GDP in the process), the Japanese government continues to be able to sell its bonds at low interest.  How does this square […]