Protest against step to privatisation of NHS, Saturday September 24th

Stop Tewkesbury Hospital, Stroud Hospital & NHS services leaving the NHS!
PROTEST taking place in Stroud with county-wide participation, on Sat 24th
Assemble on Park Road (below Maternity Hospital) at 10.30am,  for march to Subscription Rooms.

Called by Stroud Against the Cuts,

– Keep our NHS Public: don’t hand our services to a Social Enterprise Trust
– Stop the Process:  Social Enterprise No Way, We Demand Our Say
– Oppose the Health & Social Care Bill:  say NO to a US-style market based
health system

On 1st October, if Gloucestershire NHS Management has its way, Stroud
Hospital, Tewkesbury Hospital, and 7 other local hospitals, and 4,000 NHS
nurses, health visitors, physiotherapists, podiatrists, etc, will all leave
the NHS and be forced into a secretive ‘Social Enterprise Trust’, a
registered company which will then ‘compete’ with other ‘providers’.

The transfer to social enterprise is a step to privatisation. It is being
forced through without proper consultation of staff and no consultation of
the public, and it has not been scrutinised by Gloucestershire County Council (through the Health & Social Care Overview & Scrutiny Committee). At the same time the government’s Health and Social Care Bill will also accelerate privatisation of our NHS.

‘The NHS will exist for as long as there are people left with faith to fight
for it’ Nye Bevan, founder of the NHS


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