Update on legal action against NHS Gloucestershire

This update comes from the website of Stroud Against Cuts but has county-wide relevance.

Caroline Molloy and Councillor John Marjoram of Stroud Against the Cuts spoke to solicitors Leigh Day late on Tuesday afternoon.

The current state of play is that the transfer of 3000 Primary Care Trust staff out of the NHS and into what would be the largest “Community Interest Company” in the country is OFF whilst NHS Gloucestershire management assesses their legal position.

In the meantime NHS Gloucestershire has given an absolute guarantee that they won’t transfer anyone or anything out of the NHS without giving us 3 clear days notice.

Whilst we still hope they will see sense and halt a process no-one wants, if or when they do give such notice, the claimant intends to lodge a formal Judicial Review application, which will be backed by any neccessary injunctions to halt the transfer.

We have had strong legal opinion we have a good case that they cannot just quietly hand thousands of health workers out of the NHS and over to a handpicked private limited company.


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