New Online Petition: Keep Gloucestershire’s NHS Public

Please sign the new online petition to KEEP GLOUCESTERSHIRE’S NHS PUBLIC:
Please also pass on this link to as many people as possible, by email, twitter, facebook or in any way you can think of…

Petition Text:

We the undersigned demand that NHS Gloucestershire reconsider and change their decision to transfer NHS staff and services to Gloucestershire Care Services (GCS-CIC), a Community Interest Company or Social Enterprise.

These are private companies, outside the NHS,which will be run as businesses, and after a few years the private sector will be able to compete for contracts.

NHS Gloucestershire management plan for Gloucestershire Care Services CIC to run Gloucestershire’s community hospitals and all services currently provided by Gloucestershire Primary Care Trust. We support the legal case that has been launched to aid the campaign to ‘Keep Gloucestershire’s NHS Public’.

We also oppose all attempts to bring private sector funding into the NHS including the Health and Social Care Bill which removes all barriers to privatisation.


One comment

  1. Norma and Denis Gill · · Reply

    stop the rot!

    Neither the Lib Dem nor the Conservative’s manifesto contained theproposed reorganisation of the NHS

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