Join the lobby & rally at the TUC conference on 9th September!

The TUC has called another demonstration in London on 20 October. The National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) is committed to making this even bigger than last year, but it can’t be the end of the campaign – it must be a new beginning. Last year the NSSN lobbied the TUC conference to call for the co-ordinated action that subsequently took place on 30th November.
This year, on 9 September, we are again lobbying them before this year’s conference in Brighton to call on them to follow up the 20 October demo with a strike across both private and public sectors – a 24 hour general strike as the starting point for the collective action needed to force back this weak government (34 U-turns and counting!) and their cuts programme. With 85% of the cuts still to come, we can’t afford not to!

Anyone can join the lobby in Brighton, transport will be organised from Gloucestershire. There is also a petition to sign, please add your name and pass the link on to others.

NSSN lobby – petition text:

We are calling on the TUC to follow up its 20 October demo with the call for a 24-hour general strike in the public and private sectors against the austerity programme of the ConDem government and their big business friends.


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