Join the march and rally in London on the 20th of October!


The march in London on Saturday October 20th, which goes from The Embankment to the rally in Hyde Park, is a chance to demonstrate our opposition to the government`s undemocratic and unecessary programme of austerity – which is still in its early stages. Other marches are taking place in Glasgow and Belfast

The TUC conference in Brighton last month was lobbied with a call  for the unions to follow up the 20 October mobilisations with a 24-hour general strike to defeat the Con-Dems’ austerity offensive.

This is the fight of our lifetime – only 15% of the cuts have taken place, yet the effect on society has already been devastating.

The motion from the POA prison officers’ union was passed at the TUC conference; calling for coordinated action, including the consideration of a general strike.

The TUC now needs to name a date for coordinated action.

March together on 20 October… then strike together to stop the Con-Dem cuts!



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