CHELTENHAM GENERAL HOSPITAL`S ACCIDENT & EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT IS UNDER THREAT OF CLOSURE – A protest rally has been organised by health campaigners across the county to oppose the downgrading of Cheltenham`s A&E to a minor injuries unit which would reduce the county`s A&E capacity to a dangerously low level.

The rally will take place on Saturday 6 APRIL – Meet 11.30 a.m. Sandford Park (lido car park)

In January, Cheltenham GP Dr Phillip Fielding, chair of the county’s local medical committee told the Echo that Cheltenham`s A&E “will close”.

A devastating programme of A&E closures is being rolled out across England which affects 1 in 10 A&E departments. The threat to Lewisham Hospital`s A&E drew a huge local demonstration of 25,000 people earlier this year.

Where A&Es have already closed they have been replaced by minor injuries units misleadingly termed “Urgent Care Centres” by a government anxious to give false reassurance to a public who are increasingly concerned about the future of their NHS.


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