Please sign the Petition against Closure of Cheltenham General Hospital`s A & E department


Please sign the Petition against Closure of Cheltenham General Hospital`s A & E department –

So far 1 in 10 A&E departments are slated for downgrade or closure nationally.

In opposition the Conservatives championed the retention of local A&Es and opposed the Labour government`s programme of downgrading district hospitals. In 2007 Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said:

“The need to concentrate specialised services in some hospitals should not preclude access to local A&E services, but the government is using it as an excuse to close them down across the country.”

Also in 2007, David Cameron said the downgrading of services at district hospitals would be a key battleground at the 2010 general election:

 “I can promise what I’ve called a bare-knuckle fight with the government over the future of district general hospitals.

“We believe in them, we want to save them and we want them enhanced, and we will fight the government all the way.”

Now they`re closing them. Why? We refer you to the words of former Tory government minister Michael Portillo who explained to the BBC in January 2011 why his party kept quiet about their plans for the NHS at election time:

“They did not believe they could win an election if they told you what they were going to do because people are so wedded to the NHS.”

Please sign the Petition against Closure of Cheltenham General Hospital`s A & E department –



  1. Very dangerous to close Cheltenham A & E. Lives will be lost travelling to Gloucester.

  2. Tom Saunders · · Reply

    Think that closing A & E is a bad idea!!! Cheltenham is too big a town to not need need it. My dad suffered a heart attack some years ago & it is a fact that if he had to go to glos….he wouldn’t be here today!!!

  3. Mrs. Jenny Jones · · Reply

    It is such an extra special service to have so close to home. It would be devastating to close it – it is appreciated by everyone and it is not often that there is a unanimous opinion!

  4. I have had 2 live saving operations by Cheltenham A&E department and now have elderly parents living in Cheltenham, I find this disgusting. If there is too many doctors and nurses in Gloucester then transfer them.This is in breach of every life saving rule (TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE EVERY SECOND COUNTS)so lets travel 20 to 30 minutes to Gloucester. Why does anyone bother to learn first aid because this defeats the object of time. time and lives are not important any more it’s money.

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