Victory for fee-free cash machines campaign at University of Gloucestershire

The recently established Socialist Students at the University of Gloucestershire are celebrating their first victory in their ‘Students Before Profits’ campaign. The campaign aims to combat the influence of corporations on the university and improve the university facilities for students.

Cash machine poster by IIllustration student Cavan Ellis

Cash machine poster by IIllustration student Cavan Ellis

Although there are cash machines on every campus, they charge £1.25 for each transaction, shoppers at Tesco can access their money for free! During the first day of petitioning over 200 signatures were collected in less than two hours, and almost instantly saw the free cash machine issue raised at a campus meeting. Our campaign was garnering the support of the students, and the university felt compelled to investigate into what exactly the Socialist Students wanted. After a second successful day collecting signatures for the petition we were asked to meet the Chief Executive of the Students Union who informed us that the university was in advanced negotiations with the company ‘yourcash’.
The online petition can be signed here:

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