UNITE to support the Day of Action on Universal Credit!

CHELTENHAM & GLOUCESTER AGAINST CUTS asks you to UNITE to support the Day of Action on Universal Credit.

Unite Community – a section of the Union UNITE – represents people who are not in employment: from pensioners to youth, stay at home parents, carers & the disabled, the unemployed & self-employed – has called a day of action. For millions of people in this country the prospect of Christmas & another new year under the Tories is unbearable.

Despite changes announced in the budget Universal Credit will bring further misery into people’s lives. High rents, unaffordable mortgages & the lack of publicly-owned housing has created a massive crisis. Millions of people on low pay receive benefits – universal credit hits them, as well as the disabled, the unemployed, carers and many children. It is not a lack of understanding or humanity that prevents May, Hammond and the rest from taking the action that the mass of people need – it is their intention to destroy the public sector and turn every area of life into a business activity from which they can extract profit. This is class war, not government.

 Support the Day of Action on Saturday 2nd December from 11 am – near Boots/Guildhall, Eastgate St., Gloucester – we will provide information, music & sing carols with a difference –we want to make a difference
Have a Happy Christmas – but please join us and other groups – Cheltenham & Glos Against Cuts 07771 162 308


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