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Reject the wedge between generations

Claude Mickleson, Anti-cuts activist, Forest of Dean ‘The old are money-grabbers who want something for nothing and fuss when they don’t get it.’ … ‘The young won’t do a fair day’s work and laze around causing trouble.’ While the middle aged and “baby boomers” were ‘brought up with unrealistic expectations’ and ‘demand more than the […]

SAVE OUR NHS! – NHS Workshop initiated by Gloucestershire 38 degrees group

Organised by 38 degrees & Gloucestershire anti-cuts groups (Stroud, Forest of Dean and Cheltenham & Gloucester Against the Cuts) with the participation/support of various union branches and individual union reps and activists. Workshop – Saturday 16 February at  8 Milsom Street, Cheltenham A series of information & discussion sessions (broad outline of topics below) starting […]

In case you missed it – Nick Clegg called for the break-up of the NHS in 2005

Cheltenham LibDem MP Martin Horwood`s “House Notes” column in the Gloucestershire Echo on January 7th was a highly misleading attempt to put some distance between his party and the Tories. Martin told readers that he was: “never persuaded to support Conservative Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s plans to reorganise the NHS” and pointed out that the […]

Keep Gloucestershire GP Out Of Hours Service within the NHS!

Despite the results of this year`s staff and public consultation showing overwhelming support for services remaining within the NHS, the GP Out Of Hours Service (OOH) is being put out to tender by NHS Gloucestershire. Please sign the petition and spread the word on yet another threat to our NHS. Petiton text (in italics) and […]

Join the protest against the South West Pay Cartel in Bristol on December 1st!

WE ARE ONE NHS OPPOSE THE SOUTH WEST PAY CARTEL Join the protest in Bristol Saturday 1st December From 11am. Local pay will splinter the NHS, hit the quality of patient care and ease the way for privatisation KEEP THE ‘N’ IN THE NHS! Sign and share the national petition to stop the South West […]

NHS meeting organised by 38 Degrees members in Gloucestershire on November 1st

A meeting has been organised in Gloucester to stop local NHS services being broken up and privatised (for meeting details see the bottom of this post) The government’s changes to the NHS have put responsibility for spending NHS money, and deciding what your local health service looks like, in the hands of groups run by […]

A system that breeds despair

An international perspective from one of our contributors: I recently read about a disabled man who hung himself because he could not bear living in poverty. The same article spoke of a man with a heart condition who was told he was fit to work and had his Incapacity Benefit withdrawn in November but died […]


The Conservative MP for Tewkesbury, Laurence Robertson, is not pleased that workers are mounting a defence against the attacks on their pensions. On the day of the strike he called during Prime Minister’s Questions for taxpayer funding of trade unions to be reviewed. In contrast to the poverty he wishes on the rest of us, […]

Glos City Council wasting taxpayers money in Cheltenham!

The geniuses at Gloucester City Council have better things to spend Council Tax Payers` money on than pesky public services. Instead, they`ve recently spent some money on advertising the slightly cheaper parking in Gloucester to people in er,…. Cheltenham! As this photo (date 4/3/11) of an advert seen in the car park of Cheltenham Sainsbury`s […]

Up and running

Sorry to any who have been pulling their hair out waiting for this blog to materialise (!), but – hey – we got there in the end.  Please do bookmark us so that you can quickly check back in for updates on local activities.  We’ll be endeavouring to post material as frequently as we can, though, organisational and general […]