Coach from Gloucester and Stroud to the demonstration at the Tory conference in Manchester on September 29th Unite has organised a coach picking up in Gloucester and Stroud – Free to all union members & families – other campaigners please apply. Departs at 8.30am Bus station, Merrywalks, Stroud Departs at 9.00am 1 Pullman Court, Great […]

The government plans to privatise 70% of the Probation Service’s work to private companies such as G4S, Serco and Sodexo. This will include the supervision of medium risk offenders. Supervising offenders in the community is a highly skilled job and medium risk offenders are predominantly men convicted of violence, sexual offences, burglary, robbery and domestic […]

It will come as no surprise to campaigners that four leading charities – Parkinson’s UK, MS Society, National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust – have reported to the BBC that thousands of people with progressive conditions are being told they could recover enough to look for work following assessment for Employment Support […]

The NHS was created after World War II, when working class people were determined there’d be no return to the poverty, hunger, squalor & diseases of the 1930s. The ConDems are driving us back to those bleak years. The history of healthcare and the struggle to win a national health service has vital lessons for […]

Professor Sir Alan Budd, while being interviewed by documentary film-maker Adam Curtis  in June 1991 about his time as Special Adviser at the Treasury in the period 1979-81, expresses his concerns that he was being used: Curtis` narration: For some economists who were involved in this story, there is a further question: were their theories […]

  Please sign the Petition against Closure of Cheltenham General Hospital`s A & E department – So far 1 in 10 A&E departments are slated for downgrade or closure nationally. In opposition the Conservatives championed the retention of local A&Es and opposed the Labour government`s programme of downgrading district hospitals. In 2007 Shadow Health […]

    Any worker who`s ever complained to their boss and been told “if you don`t want to work here there are plenty who do” will understand why Karl Marx described the role of the unemployed (and underemployed) under capitalism as “the reserve army of labour”.       The press and politicians take every opportunity to divide […]