A photo-opportunity too far

Martin Horwood is known for his love of photo-opportunities, one such photo which appeared in the most recent LibDem “Focus” newsletter incensed Cheltenham resident Rob Bishop, who was moved to produce a critical but comical flyer which he delivered to residents in his neighbourhood of St. Marks.

As a service to those Cheltenham residents who were unfortunate enough to receive Mr Horwood`s flyer but missed out on the antidote, here is Mr Bishop`s flyer.

The story which appeared inthe Echo about this piece of local democracy in action can be read here. The Echo describes St Mark’s Against The Cuts as a splinter group of Cheltenham Against The Cuts, we would like to make clear that in fact both groups enjoy a close and loving relationship!


One comment

  1. It was not an “anti-closure protest hijacked” by Martin Horwood it was a photo shoot.

    Comical? Don’t underestimate us. That speech bubble calls us stupid. We are as capable as implementing PR tactics and using them to our advantage as politicians are.


    Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries

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