PRESS RELEASE: NHS Services Escape Privatisation after High court Drama

Joint Statement from NHS Gloucestershire and Michael Lloyd (Claimant in the Judicial Review)

In a joint statement issued Thursday, 9th February, NHS Gloucestershire and claimant Michael Lloyd said:  “Both parties agree that the public of Gloucestershire deserve the best possible NHS services.  We recognise the need for efficient use of public funds and believe that an end to legal proceedings is in everyone’s interest – particularly patients.   NHS Gloucestershire is pleased to be able to report that it has agreed terms to settle the Judicial Review brought by Gloucestershire resident, Mr Michael Lloyd.   The PCT recognises that it is important to maintain the confidence of patients, public and staff in decisions made concerning NHS services in our county.   Accordingly, and in view of the matters raised in court and without in any way accepting that there is merit in the legal complaints made by Mr Lloyd, the PCT has agreed not to implement its decision to enter into a contract with GCS at this time.  The PCT has agreed that it will start a new process to explore the best option for providing community services in Gloucestershire. As part of that process, NHS Gloucestershire will advertise for expressions of interest for the provision of NHS services in Gloucestershire.   The PCT will take necessary steps to ensure an appropriate level of staff and public engagement.  Following this step, the PCT will then make a decision concerning whether to enter into arrangements with another NHS body for the provision of community healthcare services in Gloucestershire or whether its preferred option is for the provision of services through a different arrangement, including the possibility of such services being provided by a Community Interest Company.  The relevant community services are presently being delivered by staff employed by the PCT. This arrangement will continue whilst these processes are followed through.   Mr Lloyd acknowledges that the PCT has responded properly to local concerns by taking the above steps and is grateful to the PCT for doing so.   NHS Gloucestershire acknowledges that this has been a difficult time for care services staff and they want an outcome which is the best for staff and patients alike. They also wish to minimise as far as possible uncertainty for its dedicated and professional staff.”

Stroud Against The Cuts Press Release

We are delighted that options for community health services in Gloucestershire to remain within the nhs are now back on the table. This is what the people of Gloucestershire wanted. This outcome shows what can be achieved, and gives the people of Gloucestershire, health workers and health unions the opportunity to continue to work together to defend our local nhs hospitals and services. It will continue to be crucial for people to make their views known, and we will be organising a public meeting as soon as possible. We continue to collect signatures on our online petition. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us. As Nye Bevan said, “the nhs will continue to exist for as long as there are folk left with faith to fight for it.” We hope our local health services will more remain in the nhs, publicly owned and accountable, for many years to come.


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