Getting it wrong on unemployment – an email to Martin Horwood

Dear Martin,
In July 2011 you left a comment at our blog as follows:
“Unemployment is falling. Public sector job cuts – which are very painful – haven’t stopped new jobs in the private sector”
In light of the fact that unemployment has risen steadily ever since to a current 16 year high of 8.4%, do you accept that this comment was rather naive?
And how do you envisage this figure reducing given the government’s continued adherence to austerity?
Best wishes,
Cheltenham Against Cuts


Thank you for your email to Martin Horwood MP.   Martin’s comment in July 2011 was accurate and it remains the right policy to reduce the structural  deficit and create the conditions for growth in the private sector.   
The latest bulletin from the ONS gives a lot of background information on employment and unemployment rates, regional variations and trends.
Hope this is helpful.
David Fidgeon
Assistant to Martin Horwood MP
01242 224889


Hi David,
Thanks for the quick response, though – as indicated by the “Dear Martin” – we were rather hoping for a response from our elected representative.  Is there any danger that you might facilitate this?
Best wishes,

Cheltenham Against Cuts


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