Cheltenham LibDems` plan to make party`s bird logo “very small” on ballot papers

Magnified Dead LibDem bird 3

Look out for the “very small” LibDem bird logo on May 7th!

The desperation of the Liberal Democrats has become apparent even in one of their strongholds, Cheltenham, as the result of a leaked email from one of the town`s senior LibDems.
In Councillor Roger Whyborn`s campaign email, leaked to the Gloucestershire Echo, the former cabinet member at Cheltenham Borough Council told other councillors and the town`s MP Martin Horwood that:
“I would seriously contemplate making the Lib Dem bird very small on all literature – including the ballot paper.”
This undemocratic approach of trying to fool people into voting LibDem stemmed from Whyborn`s “recent doorstep experience” where he learned the Lib Dem brand is now “toxic” as he put it:
“Unfortunately the Lib Dem ‘brand’ is now toxic outside of its local government dimension, that will have to be sorted out post G.E.”
Whyborn made clear which voters the party is targeting and how determined it is to get their votes, the email also states that it is:
“important to ruthlessly squeeze Green-ish voters who may wish to vote Green as an alternative to Lib Dem”. 
“These cuts made for ideological reasons” says Cheltenham councillor Chris Coleman on twitter
LibDem honesty of a different variety was more willingly shown by another of the party`s Cheltenham councillors in December, when councillor Chris Coleman tweeted a reply to the Director of Environmental & Regulatory services, Mike Redman. Redman asked the following question on his twitter account:
“Local authorities squeezed until pips squeak, then govm’t want parking charges reduced too – how will local services survive?”
Councillor Coleman replied:
“They won’t. These cuts made for ideological reasons would have happened regardless of the supposed need for austerity.”
At the time of writing this conversation can still be viewed on twitter here. In case Councillor Coleman has a change of heart and deletes his candid message we have taken the precaution of making a screenshot.

Cllr Chris Coleman ''These cuts made for ideological reasons would have happened regardless of the supposed need for austerity




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