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Home Care in Crisis

Two reports recently highlighted the plight of the elderly in England & Wales. One, from the Office for National Statistics, reported 25,700 excess deaths due to cold weather in 2010/11: The other, from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), criticises the provision of care to 500,000 older people in their own homes. Tory ministers […]

NHS Gloucestershire`s lies about the plans for Tewkesbury hospital

Since November 15th`s very well attended public meeting on Tewkesbury`s proposed new hospital, NHS Gloucestershire (NHSG), who refused to attend the meeting, have been keen to defend their plans through their preferred mode of communication – the Gloucestershire Echo! The primary concern of those attending the meeting was that the new hospital would have only […]

Public meeting to discuss controversial proposed new Tewkesbury PFI Hospital

Tewkesbury Town Council will be holding a public meeting at 7.30pm on Tuesday, November 15, in the Watson Hall in Barton Street. The meeting will allow people to have their say on the controversial plans for Tewkesbury`s proposed new PFI hospital which will cost £10 million. This follows the collection of over 2,200 petition signatures […]

Public Meeting – Keep Our NHS Public: A talk on current threats to the NHS by Prof. Wendy Savage

Stroud Against the Cuts has organised this meeting to draw attention to the threats to the NHS at national and county-wide levels. The speaker Professor Wendy  Savage has campaigned for many years against the increasing privatisation of the NHS and is Co-Chair of the national Keep Our NHS Public organisation.  What does the Health and […]

Worst suspicions confirmed for NHS as award-winning social enterprise in Surrey loses out to large corporation

One of the more tiresome criticisms we as anti-cuts campaigners face is the accusation that we are being negative. The fluffy term “social enterprise” has been intensively promoted by those in power along with the idea of a “Big Society”, but the awful reality is beginning to reveal itself. Last week the Guardian and Financial […]

Update on legal action against NHS Gloucestershire

This update comes from the website of Stroud Against Cuts but has county-wide relevance. Caroline Molloy and Councillor John Marjoram of Stroud Against the Cuts spoke to solicitors Leigh Day late on Tuesday afternoon. The current state of play is that the transfer of 3000 Primary Care Trust staff out of the NHS and into what would […]

Demonstration and legal action to save our NHS

Over 500 people from across Gloucestershire attended a demonstration in Stroud on Saturday to protest against plans to take local hospitals such as Tewkesbury and Stroud, and community health services across Gloucestershire out of the NHS, and into a ‘Community Interest Company’ which is being badged a ‘social enterprise’. The crowd, with shouts of ‘Whose […]

Protest against step to privatisation of NHS, Saturday September 24th

Stop Tewkesbury Hospital, Stroud Hospital & NHS services leaving the NHS! PROTEST taking place in Stroud with county-wide participation, on Sat 24th September. Assemble on Park Road (below Maternity Hospital) at 10.30am,  for march to Subscription Rooms. Called by Stroud Against the Cuts, – Keep our NHS Public: don’t hand our services to a […]

Object to the way the County Council has helped NHS plans stay secret!

Stroud Against Cuts has seen a letter from the head of the South West Strategic Health Authority which states that Cllr Gravells (then chair of the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee or HOSC) told the NHS bosses last summer that they didn’t need to bother consulting us in relation to the transfer of our hospitals, […]

Gloucestershire Primary Care Trust services leaving NHS

This coming Thursday, 28th July, is the day on which South West Strategic Health Authority will meet to approve plans for all services provided by Gloucestershire Primary Care Trust to LEAVE THE NHS on 1st October. Locally, qualified NHS staff will leave the NHS and transfer into a ‘social enterprise’.  Although the government claimed this […]